One Direction Preferences You Sleep On Him

Harry: You had just found out your pregnant with Harry's child. BSM: You have a sleep over with the boys *Louis* (You're 9) The boys were back in Doncaster for one of Louis' football matches, and were staying at your house, your mum had to work a night shift at the hospital and had Louis and the boys watch you while she was gone. You were out with friends all day, and you missed him so much! You ran inside and kicked off your shoes, heading upstairs. Louis: I hoisted her up higher on my hip and jiggled her around a bit as everyone continued talking. He'd told a joke he thought was hilarious and you were the only person who seemed to agree. One direction preferences; one direction preference; 1d preferences; You tell his parents your pregnant. These signs also point in one direction: meningitis. Because we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to allow some types of cookies. To make them jealous. Finally moving his gaze a bit down, he notices you sleeping. Directed by=Mike Flanagan / $1
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